HP's Slate Device Runs The Complete Internet -- Including Flash!

We gave everyone a peek at HP’s slate device during CES 2010 and people got excited. Last month, we let you see a little more about what our slate can do – and you guys lit up the Internet with comments.
Well, we’re listening – and want to give you a little more insight. So, here’s what I can tell you for now without getting into too much trouble with my boss:


With this slate product, you’re getting a full Web browsing experience in the palm of your hand. No watered-down Internet, no sacrifices. We just posted a quick video showing some more of what that’s like as well as how the slate device will work as an eBook reader. Enjoy the short clip (and the techno soundtrack).




But that brings us to something bati555 and others asked on Youtube: “Does this thing have flash support?”
A big bonus for the slate product is that, being based off Windows 7, it offers full Adobe support.

To demonstrate that, here’s a second video with Adobe’s Alan Tam. He shows Adobe Air and Flash in action on the device: Video playback from MTV.com; A Spongebob Squarepants game (most casual games on the Web run in Flash); photo editing at Photoshop.com and reading the digital version of the New York Times.




pcfix411 asked us to “keep these coming into YouTube.” Ok, we will! In the mean time, sign up for updates on hp.com/slate. Or go on Twitter, YouTube, and our forums. Let us know what you think and what you’d do if you had a slate.
Oh, and our friends at the FCC want us to let you know that this device has not been authorized as required by the rules of the Federal Communications Commission.  This device is not, and may not be, offered for sale or lease, or sold or leased, until authorization is obtained.

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by iphonerulez
on ‎05-04-2010 06:47 AM

Hours and hours of video using Flash?  Hardly.  That vaporware tablet would be lucky to get two hours of video before calling it quits.  Windows 7 desktop using a single-core Atom on a thin tablet is a pipe dream.  Unfortunate consumers would be overwhelmed by viruses and malware.  The UI would be inconsistent due to Microsoft slapping some kludgy touch UI over a mouse-driven OS.  I'm sure even HP wishes it had never made a Windows 7 tablet prototype.  Ultimately they'll go with Android or WebOS running on an ARM processor.


I sure hope HP had the sense to kill this Windows tablet or they'll suffer huge financial losses due to consumer disinterest.

by Please release win7 HP slate
on ‎05-05-2010 09:26 AM

I am really hoping that HP is still planning to release the slate with Windows7.  I really want the power of a full OS with the portability and convienance a slate device.


You really cannot compare the iPad to the HP slate. The iPad is an entertainment device. The HPslate is a netbook with convienace and portability of the iPad. I really think there is a viable market for that type of a device.


I do not mind the longer boot up or the shorter battery life. At five hours it is still two hours longer than what you would get with a laptop or netbook.


Please HP we want the Win7 slate!

by HP and Windows - Unbeatable
on ‎05-05-2010 08:02 PM




To buy an Apple device or something running Andriod is not an option for me. WebOs would not work either. I want to be able to network to my other powerful Windows HP Computers, I want to use it for work so I need Microsoft Office, I want to be able to run any shareware, VB program I create, or software I currently use. The ONLY option for this, is Windows. For functionality and flexibility, the Windows platform beats any other hands down. Everyone so impressed about all the widgets you have to pay for on the Apple store, yet nobody seems to remember that all the programs,widgets, or whatever you want call them on Windows far exceeds any other OS, many of which are FREE. This is why I am extremely happy with my HP Desktop running Windows 7 and my Palm Treo 800w on Sprint running Windows 6.1 Pro.


For me, Windows = workhorse, functionality and flexibility, connects and shares easily with my work AND home environment. Others are toys or appliances that work for a specific function.


Please HP, we want the Win7 Slate soon!

by livewire999
on ‎05-13-2010 12:47 PM

I hope someone at HP is reading these messages. . . Fine release a WebOS based tablet. Don't give up on the the slate. Make it dual core atom . . . it HAS to have a wacom digitizer. I don't care if you sell it for $1000. I will buy it. I need something like the TM2 with less weight and more portability. Don't load the slate down with a bunch of bloatware . . . the Windows 7 touch/pen experience is more than adequate.



by rsmithaa
on ‎05-15-2010 03:40 AM

I will only buy a tablet device that runs Windows 7, please continue to develop and release the HP Slate with Windows 7! I'm waiting patiently to become one of your first customers.

by Victor
on ‎05-15-2010 07:54 AM

I will suggest that the hp slate run on the new microsoft window mobile 7 operating systems currently scheduled for release this year and making it optimized for the device will be a great feature added.

by ace_tfb
on ‎05-17-2010 06:58 PM

This is the future of mobile computing (the end of the laptop), not a play toy from Apple.  It needs to run a fully funtional OS, so it can carry the full functionality that we need from a work or home computer.

by Amanda
on ‎05-21-2010 01:04 PM

I can't wait for the Android based tablet to be released! That's still going to happen, right? *crosses fingers*

by jbh93274
on ‎05-24-2010 01:14 PM

PLEASE HURRY AND FINE TUNE THIS AND GET IT OUT TO YOUR CUSTOMERS! Im not an apple fan at all but if there is no further choice or if we are not being given updates then how else will we know on whether to wait or not?

by RBRB3232
on ‎05-27-2010 04:04 PM

Fall Semester Shopping List: spiral notebook, pen, pencil, and one HP Slate Smiley Happy So...ummm....hurry up with that FCC thing! Seriously though, don't forget about us college students. I basically want a notebook without the keyboard that's affordable.

by Croe626
on ‎05-28-2010 10:50 PM

Hurry up and get this product to market. Like alot of folks, I may not be able to wait much longer before I give up and just get a pad. 


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on ‎05-29-2010 12:34 AM

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on ‎06-06-2010 06:26 AM

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by startbattery
on ‎06-06-2010 08:18 PM

I think the HP Slate looks very promising and assuming it has good <a href="http://www.start-battery.com/fujifilm/np-40/digital+camera+battery.htm">fujifilm np-40 battery</a> life, simplicity of design and doesn't heat up like a hot pad then it looks like a winner for its Windows category.  My own experience with Flash is that it's a long way from being a sleek engine (when running on my fastest hardware, it's taking up 30 to 40 percent of the CPU cycles (even dual core hardware).   For me personally, I consider Java a far more valuable benchmark for running the entire web.  Many of my clients in education, on campuses, in research labs and even among enterprise mobile teams; they all use Java on a daily basis.    If the Slate can run the latest JRE,  it will be one of my first non-Apple purchases.   As for Windows 7, it's not Mac or iPhone.   But it's vastly better than Vista in terms of managing the user environment in a more forgiving way.  

by hpfan
on ‎06-15-2010 10:18 PM

Because Big firms like a corporate logos, they put their logos into everything.

Is it important to have a corporate logo on main panel of Slate?

I believe we don't need the logo of main panel. 

The important thing is design. 
by Jason Barnes
on ‎06-22-2010 10:01 PM

Wanted to get one of these for my Wife's Birthday.  When are they being released?  I see this question being asked with no answers.

by bitterwriter
on ‎07-01-2010 10:57 AM

Please please please, don't commit an Apple mistake and install your own OS in this very promising device! I love HP computers because of Windows... you can pair it with everyhing very easily, run programs familiar to everybody, you don't have to special order an application for your  HP computer and your other computers (i.e. Microsoft Office Home & Student allows you to install in up to 3 different computers!). If you choose to go the Apple route and install your own OS you will be ending the most appealing feature of the Slate: standardized OS used by more than 90% of users... do you want to loose the market-ability of the Slate to that 90%? Please rethink your rumored-strategy...!

by HP Support
on ‎07-14-2010 12:21 AM
I am so excited about this Hp slate. Would this device be able to beat Apple's technology. Moreover we can see it in various modes movie mode, ebook mode and PC mode with a windows 7 touch device. For more visit http://www.iyogi.net/hp/
by Cancasa
on ‎07-17-2010 09:55 AM

This looks really good.

I always thought Apple products were overpriced and the sooner other companies wake up and actually start giving them a run for their money,we might start seeing better products for better prices.

by gburness
on ‎07-22-2010 12:28 AM
I didn't buy an I-pad because I thought it was the cheapest move possible to not make it a Smart Phone as well. One piece of technology that does it all is the next "Can't live without it item". The HP Slate sounds like it is going to be very close with the inclusion of decent Still and Video cams. What it really has to have as well is phone capabilities. Please, please ,please. Then if you want to add a built in TV tuner as well I won't complain. I'll buy 2. I'm really betting on the release of this as something that won't disappoint. Well done.
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