Trust the Toner Cartridges That Work the First Time Every Time

This week a trifecta of conversation, research and case studies has added new learnings for me around the value of Original HP toner cartridges (1). As a consumer of toner cartridges and someone who helps define and market HP printing products I have a natural bias toward Original HP cartridges. 


Toner image.jpgI conducted what Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard called next bench testing and asked a constitutional attorney, small business owner in my community about her supplies purchases. All of her printing equipment is HP- she’s been a user of HP printing products for more than two decades. “Do you buy HP supplies for your printers?” I asked. 


Her reply was, “Always.” This of course led me to probe a bit further as to why. Her explanation was that she expected HP engineered their products to work together in an optimal fashion.


My friend’s expectation is supported by a recent 2012 Lyra Research study (2). The study included interviews with HP Authorized Service Providers who had experience servicing HP LaserJet printers. Here are a few highlights from the survey:


  • Printer technicians reported four times as many HP LaserJet service calls from the use of non-HP toner cartridges as compared to customers using Original HP toner cartridges
  • Two-thirds of printer technicians surveyed said that HP LaserJet printers equipped with non-HP toner cartridges require more frequent cleaning that those equipped with Original HP toner cartridges. Half of these said they clean the printers at least twice as often
  • Among surveyed printer technicians who recommend Original HP toner cartridges over non-HP toner cartridges, some of the following reasons for their recommendations were provided:
         •  93% - HP cartridges are more reliable
         •  83%- Best print quality

Now for the third part of my trifecta: customer case studies. Founded 25 years ago, Lifetime Products is one of the leading manufacturers of plastic and metal products. The company’s more than 3,500 employees worldwide rely on HP multifunction printers on a day-to-day basis. Despite their long-term success with HP devices, the company started experiencing problems with their printers, resulting in increased service and repair costs. The cause? Remanufactured cartridges.


According to John Bowden, chief information officer, Lifetime Products, Inc., “We noticed toner from the remanufactured cartridges was getting caked on the inside of our devices. Pretty soon that had a domino effect. It was resulting in fewer prints per cartridge, shortening the life of our devices, and costing us a lot of money in repair expenses.” They also experienced print quality issues such as streaks and smudges. Lifetime Products switched back to Original HP cartridges.  According to Bowden, Lifetime Products has cut its total cost of printing by 13 percent. They have significantly fewer problems and are happy with their choice to switch back to Original HP cartridges.


Pace U.jpgCustomers like Pace University are using also HP Managed Print Services (MPS). Even great printers are useless without proper supplies. The MPS agreement guarantees the university a cost-effective, ready-to-access supply of Original HP toner that’s simple to order for next-day delivery. By using Original HP toner, the University knows it is using supplies that are designed and manufactured to optimize the performance of its HP multi-function printers.


What experiences has your organization had with remanufactured toner? Are you using managed print services to actively manage and replace cartridges in your printers? Tweet Me at @LeslieAtHP to share your experiences and ideas.



[1] A QualityLogic 2010 study compared Original HP LaserJet toner cartridges with seven brands of non-HP toner cartridges sold in North America for the HP LaserJet P1505 and P4015 printers, HP 36A and 64A. For details, see

[2] From a 2012 NA Lyra Research study, commissioned by HP. Results based on interviews with 100 HP Authorized Service Providers who have at least 6 months’ experience servicing HP monochrome and color LaserJet printers, and have last done so within the previous 12 months.

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